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8-Day Authentic Silk Road Tour - Rainbow Mountain, Qinghai Lake, Jiayuguan Pass and Dunhuang

Lanzhou, Chaka, Xining, Menyuan, Zhangye, Rainbow Mountains, Jiayuguan Pass& Dunhuang

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General Info.

Travel Location: Qinghai & Gansu, China

Travel Routes: Shanghai - Lanzhou - Chaka - Xining - Zhangye - Rainbow Mountains - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Lanzhou - Shanghai


Travel Date and Trip Cost:

Group in May(May Holiday): Sun. 28th April - 5th May 2019 6600rmb/person

Group in June(Dragon Boat Festival Holiday):Sun. 2nd -Sun. 9th June 2019 7900rmb/person

Group in July(Summer Vacation): Sat. 13th - Sat. 20th July 2019   8600rmb/person

Group in Oct.(Golden Week Holiday): Mon. 30th Sep. – Mon. 7th Oct. 2019  8800rmb/person


Group discount offered with

100rmb OFF for 2-3 Pax sign up

200rmb OFF for 4-5 Pax sign up

400rmb OFF for more than 6 Pax sign up


Number of peers: 4 -20 persons (The price and travel date is negotiable for private tour groups).

Accommodation standards: 4-star hotel with daily breakfast, one night with soft sleeper overnight train


【Trip Inquiry】


Customer Service Wechat: OKDealTravel

Public Wechat OKDealClub

Immerse yourself in legend and feel the pulse of civilization as you explore the treasures of the Silk Road, the bridge between history and today. OKDealClub will bring you this perfect combination of culture, adventure, history and natural wonders. Visit everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to magnificent mountain ranges and deserts. Start your trip from Lanzhou, you will then have the chance to visit Chaka Salt Lake, Rainbow Mountain Zhangye, Jiayuguan Pass Great Wall and Dunhuang Mogao Caves. Enjoy a sunset view of the best colorful ridge scenery in Rainbow Mountains. Marvel at the geometric beauty of the brick murals in Weijin Tomb Murals. Enjoy camel trek in desert and sand sliding at  Echoing-sand Mountain in Dunhuang.


Hiking Difficulty Rating ★★☆☆☆Moderate-Suitable for all physically fit people

  • Visit everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to magnificent mountain ranges and deserts. Start your trip from Lanzhou, then have the chance to visit Chaka, Menyuan, Zhangye, Jiayuguan and also Dunhuang

  • Immerse yourself in legends and feel the pulse of civilization as you explore the treasures of the Silk Road, the bridge between history and today

  • ​Appreciate the beauty and magic of the Rainbow Mountains and enjoy a fantastic sunset view of the best colorful ridge scenery there

  • Time-travel back to ancient China through brick murals and marvel at its geometric beauty in Weijin Tomb Murals

  • Enjoy the mind-blowing Qinghai Lake, the largest inland and salt water lake in China

  • A perfect combination of culture, adventure, history and natural wonders

  • Explore mysterious and solemn Tibetan Buddhism in Ta`er Monastery

  • Taste traditional local cuisine and snacks in Northwest of China

  • Trek to the center of Chaka Salt Lake, the mirror of the sky

  • Have a bird view of the grand desert on Jiayuguan Pass, great wall hiking.

  • Fun and special activity including Qinghai lake Cycling, Camel trekking, sand sliding, sheepskin rating and great wall hiking.

  • Experience and witness exotic Tibetan culture

  • Look for a paradise of photography


【Travel Route Overview】

D1 Lanzhou arrival, hotel check in, city tour of Zhongshan Iron Bridge and Waterwheel Garden, optional activity to try sheepskin rafting and the rest of day to explore the city


D2 Qinghai culture and nature experience tour including a visit to Ta’er Monastery, Qinghai Lake and Riyue Mountain, have a chance to enjoy the Three Unique Artwork of Ta'er Monastery and remain inside tranquility on the Lake. After watching the once-in-a-life-time sunset on the Lake while cycling, return the hotel and have a good rest


D3 Go sightseeing in Chaka Salt Lake to explore the grandeur of nature. A visit to the center of the Lake and take creative photos. Back to Xining in evening


D4 Have a tour of time in Mati Temple and be ready to be surprised by the majestic architecture, the art of murals and the solemn and respectful atmosphere there, stay overnight at Zhangye city.


D5 After breakfast, visit Giant Buddha Temple to have a cultural journey and go to Rainbow Mountains to give a shock to your eyes. Taste the colorful mountain with sunshine on it and compose of a gorgeous and picturesque memory in mind


D6 Firstly have a visit to Weijin Tomb Murals to see the brick murals which carved into past history. In the afternoon, take a truly special excursion to Jiayuguan Pass and hiking at Great Wall. Drive to Dunhuang city and have a rest of this day


D7 Have some fun when sand sliding in Echoing-sand Mountain and take a photo to   the geological wonder with moon shapes - Crescent Lake. Then take a visit to Mogao Grottoes - which is considered the great treasure house of Buddhist arts in existence, take overnight train to Lanzhou in evening with K9669(18:55/10:02)or Y669(20:07/07:22)


D8 Arrive at Lanzhou city in morning, after lunch transport back to airport and say goodbye to our silk road tour

【Full Itinerary】

D1 Lanzhou Arrival, hotel check in

Welcome to Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province.

Your tour guide will pick you up from Airport or the Railway Station according to your schedule to Hotel (Lanzhou). Full day trip to Zhongshan Iron Bridge and Waterwheel Garden. Zhongshan Iron Bridge was built in the Qing Dynasty and renowned as the “first bridge on the Yellow River under the heaven”. Waterwheel Garden is one of the most important tourist sights in the line of Binhe Road.

The rest of the day is yours to explore this city on your own. You can experience the sheepskin raft (optional activity), which is an ancient ferry, has a unique structure and is easily made. Sheepskin rafts come in various sizes, some made of over a dozen sheepskin bags, some a few dozen bags, and others several hundred bags. A small raft can hold a few people and a big raft can transport several tons of goods and can sail at a daily speed of 200 kilometres with the curent.

In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious local snacks or dishes of Lanzhou Cuisine at the night fair on Jingning Lu of Lanzhou on your own expense.


D2 Xining - Ta’er Monastery - Qinghai Lake - Riyue Mountain

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel. Firstly, you will take the coach driving to Xining, Qinghai Province. Our first tourist spot is Ta’er Monastery. In the Tibetan language, Ta’er Monastery is called ‘gongben’, which means ‘10,000 figures of Buddha’. During its long 400 years of history, it has gradually become a place of interest for its distinct ethnic color and native style. The Ta’er Monastery is a group of fine buildings in a combination of both the Han and Tibetan styles of architecture on the mountain slopes. You can enjoy the Three Unique Artwork of Ta'er Monastery: murals, butter sculptures and applique.

Murals: Mural paintings are painted directly on walls, beams and fabrics. A kind of stony mineral dye is used in painting to keep pictures fresh for hundreds of years. There are countless murals in Ta’er Monastery. A large number of colorful and vivid mural paintings are displayed in Dajingwa Hall, Dajing Hall and Xiaojingwa Hall.

Butter Sculptures: Several months before the Spring Festival, artists begin to make all kinds of butter sculptures with mountains, rivers, flowers, plants, elephants, white cranes, old folks, Buddha immortals, halls, towers, pavilions, terraces, stories of religious life, and so on. Butter sculptures are made of pure white butter and stony mineral fuels of various colors.

Applique: Appliques fully demonstrating the artistic style and culture of Tibet are made of colorful silk-fabric cuttings which are in the shape of Buddha, man, flower, plant, bird, wild animal, insect and fish. The cuttings are stuffed with wool, cotton or other woolly materials to achieve three-dimensional effect and finally these cuttings are sewn on a large silk fabric. So, the appliques look vivid and lively.

In the afternoon, you will arrive at Qinghai Lake. This large salt lake in little traveled Qinghai Province in western China measures 4,635 square kilometers in area. You will get a bird view of the marvelous lake scenery by bicycle for about 20 kilometers and experience the spectacular high-mountain scenery and the cultural mix of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Muslim people. One thing you might be able to find during this bike trip is some solitude. The lake is the biggest lake in China, and it is away from major towns. Let your mind fly and escape all your worries and the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also enjoy the beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime sunset.  

Then on our way to the hotel, you can visit Riyue Mountain to get to know the origin of its name and taste the legend of Princess Wencheng.


D3 Chaka Salt Lake Escape Tour

Get up early to enjoy the amazing sunrise in Qinghai Lake, after breakfast, you will go to Chaka Salt Lake. It is as beautiful as a fairyland. Its pureness, white and blue make it like a dreamland. It is also rated as “one of the 55 places people must go” by Chinese National Geographic. In the distance, the water and the sky have no obvious boundary. Here, the sky is a part of the lake and the lake is a supplement for the sky. This view seems extremely magic. You can take pictures with different postures by standing on the Lake, take off shoes and have a close contact with Salt Lake, walk to the center of Salt Lake along the railway track to view the splendid scenery on the water and see rare salt sculptures! Then you will drive back to Xining. Along the way, you can enjoy the natural and pure views of the Lake again with great memories.


D4 Mati Temple - Zhangye

After a good rest and a delicious buffet breakfast, you will go to Mati Temple. Looking at this place decorated with numerous colored flags, you find yourself in a completely different place in terms of spirit and culture. Religion is a foundation stone. It’s like a trip back in time for a few centuries. The uniqueness of Mati Temple Grotto lies in the grand scale of Buddhist towers, caves and shrines in the cave. The surroundings of Mati Temple are also very beautiful, and the verdant hills, green waters, unusual peaks and peculiar caves are the most famous things of Mati Temple. No souvenir shops and crowds of people, almost natural idyll for nature lovers. After this fantastic tour in Mati Temple, you will go to Zhangye and begin another sand tour.


D5 Giant Buddha Temple - Rainbow Mountains – Jiayuguan 

In the morning, you will go to Giant Buddha Temple to visit the existing architectures in Giant Buddha Temple: the Giant Buddha Hall, the Buddhist Classics Hall and the Clay Pagoda to get a cultural nourishment and feel your inside tranquility. After lunch, you will go to a dream and legendary place- Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, also know as Rainbow Mountains by many people. The Zhangye Danxia landform area is known as “the eye candy of Zhangye”. Many artists admire this masterpiece as it is unbelievably colorful, like an imaginative oil painting.

Red is the main color of Colorful Hills. Under the sunlight, the seemingly endless hills form a sea of fire. Some of the hills feature rock stripes in different colors, looking like bright ribbons fluttering in the desert. The most representative spots of this kind are the Seven-color Screen and the Colorful Sunset, looking like a rainbow hanging in the distance. However, scenes are totally different on the edge of this area. The colors there turn into yellow and grey, resembling crystal shells in the sun. Scenes are even more breathtaking at sunrise and sunset. Then, the staggered lights and shadows thrown on the hills endow this region with a dynamic beauty. Then you will go to Jiayuguan.


D6 Weijin Tomb Murals - Jiayuguan Pass

After breakfast, you must get ready to experience the majestic murals and the grand Jiayuguan. In the morning, you will have a visit to Weijin Tomb Murals to have a knowledge of its history background and prepare to have a taste of the arts on the wall and bricks. Then, you will go to Jiayuguan Pass. Jiayuguan Pass, constructed in 1372, is the western starting point of Ming Great Wall. Under the administration of Suzhou Garrison, it is also one of the nine important frontier towns in China in ancient times. In late Han Dynasty, there was called Yushizhang, while during the Five Dynasties, it was called Tianmen Pass. Jiayuguan was a place of strategic importance in every dynasty in ancient China.


D7 Echoing-Sand Mountain - Crescent Lake - Dunhuang Mogao Caves - Lanzhou

Time goes by, our in-depth cultural and natural tour is going to come to the end. Our last two destinations are Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake and Dunhuang Mogao Caves. Have you ever heard of a mountain that echoes to the sound of sand as you slide down its slopes? Can you image a perennially limpid lake in an area of desert sand? Here in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, you will have the chance to enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake.

Seen from afar, the mountain is just like a golden dragon winding its way over the horizon. As you approach you become aware that the sand has many colors ranging from red to yellow, green, black and white. On days when a strong wind blows, the fast shifting sand roars; but when the wind is little more than a light breeze, the sand produces gentle, dulcet sounds akin to music.

Encircled by the mountain, there is Crescent Lake so called because of its shape. The water in the lake is so pure and sweet that it looks like an emerald set in the sand. Many of the visitors who have made their way down the mountain like to drink from the lake. According to historical record, the lake has been in existence for hundreds of years without ever being buried by the sand; it is really a geological wonder.

Then you will drive to the place that you can never miss - Mogao Caves. Mogao Caves encompass caves, wall paintings, painted sculptures, ancient architecture, movable cultural relics and their settings. The property area and buffer zone contain all the attributes that demonstrating the values of the Mogao Caves and thus ensure the integrity of both the heritage site and its environment.

There are some notes while visit Mogao Caves in order to better protect this cultural treasure:

² The Digital Exhibition Center has been formally open to the public since August 1, 2014. Shuttle bus service is available between the caves and the Digital Exhibition Center. Visitors can enjoy two amazing movies 'A thousand Years of Mogao Caves' and 'Splendors of Buddha's Palace' at the digital exhibition center and then take the shuttle bus to visit the caves.

² Within the caves, no photo! An electronic torch maybe necessary to see inside the caves.


Then you will take a train with soft berth from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, which may be a fresh experience for you.


D8 Lanzhou - Shanghai

After arrival and lunch, head to Lanzhou Airport which also means our trip comes to an end. Wish you enjoy the whole journey. You may share photos and unforgettable memory with your friends and family.

【Flight Schedule for Reference】

China Eastern Airlines MU9213 

Shanghai Hongqiao T2 –Lanzhou T2  07:40 – 11:00


China Eastern Airlines MU9213 

Lanzhou T2 -Shanghai Pudong T1 14:30 – 17:25

Trip Cost

Travel Date and Trip Cost:

Group in May(May Holiday): Sun. 28th April - 5th May 2019 6600rmb/person

Group in June(Dragon Boat Festival Holiday):Sun. 2nd -Sun. 9th June 2019 7900rmb/person

Group in July(Summer Vacation): Sat. 13th - Sat. 20th July 2019   8600rmb/person

Group in Oct.(Golden Week Holiday): Mon. 30th Sep. – Mon. 7th Oct. 2019  8800rmb/person


The price includes:

1. Transport: 8 days of MPV local transport, overnight train from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, airport picking up & seeing off service with committed flight schedule .

2. Accommodation 7 Nights: 6 nights in 4-star hotel in Lanzhou/ Qinghai Lake/ Xining/ Zhangye/ Jiayuguan/ Dunhuang including daily Chinese and Western breakfast and one night on the train from Dunhuang to Lanzhou with soft sleeper.

3. Entrance Tickets: main ticket attractions listed below: Ta'er Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake and one way tour train, Mati Temple, Giant Buddha Temple, Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, Weijin Tomb Murals, Jiayuguan Pass, Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake and Dunhuang Mogao Caves.

4. Meals:Hotel daily Chinese and Western breakfast, lunch and dinner will be on your own expense.

5. Insurance: Travel insurance (only purchase the insurance in the beginning and the end of the event, including the day of gathering and the day of dismissing)

6. Other: mineral water, bilingual local tour guide.


The price DOES NOT include:

1. Main transport from and to Lanzhou, people will book flight/train ticket at their own expense, OkDealClub will help to book tickets if needed.

2. Lunch and dinner during the trip.

3. Single room supplement : 1100 rmb / person in May/dragon boat holiday, 1600rmb/person in Oct. Holiday

4. Personal expenses, receipt and unpredictable costs.


Optional Items:

Sheepskin raft 60rmb/person

Qinghai lake cycling 100rmb/person unlimited hours

Camel trekking 

Tour Attractions

★ Ta'er Monastery: As the religious activity center of both monks and followers of the Yellow Hat Sect (also named Gelugpa Sect, a branch of Tibetan Buddhism), the Ta'er Monastery (Kumbum Monastery) is located in Huangzhong County, Qinghai Province, 25 kilometers (about 16 miles) away from the capital city of Qinghai Province - Xining. In order to commemorate Tsong Khapa (1357-1419), founder of the Yellow Hat Sect, the Ta'er Monastery was built in 1577 more than 150 years after his death. Now it is considered a sacred place in China.

★ Qinghai Lake: is the largest lake in the People's Republic of China. Located in Qinghai province on an endorheic basin, Qinghai Lake is classified as a saline and alkaline lake. The current Chinese name "Qinghai," the older Mongolian name "Kokonor", and the Tibetan name translate to "Green Sea", "Blue Lake" and "Teal Sea", respectively. Qinghai Lake has become a tourist destination popular for biking and bird watching, the spectacular high-mountain scenery, and the cultural mix of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Muslim people.

★ Riyue Mountain:Situated 40 kilometers (25 miles) from southwest of Huangyuan County, Riyue (Sun and Moon) Mountain is an important geographic divisional line in the geography of the country. The scenery in both sides is totally different: there is the rural scenery of the highland on the east side whereas vast grassland scenery on the west. Two kinds of scenery with vast differences within a mountain is very rare in China. The average height of this mountain is about 4,000 meters. To the east of Riyue Mountain is the Huangshui Valley, to the northwest is the Qinghai Lake and to the southwest are continuous rolling mountains, vast grassland and scattering tents.


★ Chaka Salt Lake: Situated in Chaka Town, Ulan County, Haixi in China’s western Qinghai Province, the Chaka Salt Lake (Caka Salt Lake) is in the western part of the Chaka Basin, 298 kilometers (85 miles) from Xining, capital of Qinghai. This natural crystallized saline lake is regarded as the eastern gateway to Qaidam Basin, which reserves the largest salt mine in the world. Lying at an altitude of 3,059 meters (10,036 feet), the lake is oval shape and covers an area of 105 square kilometers (40 square miles), ten times larger than the West Lake of Hangzhou. However, it is the smallest among the several salt lakes in Qaidam area, but different from others for its coexistence of both solid and liquid salt. The snow-white lake bed and the crystal blue water against the azure sky win it the reputation of ‘Mirror of the Sky’. Travel to such a beautiful world of salt embedded in the snowy mountains and verdant meadows, tourists would inevitably feel like they are in a fairyland.

 茶卡盐湖 模特



★ Mati Temple: also known as the Horse’s Hoof Temple is a Buddhist temple complex located inside the cliff. It presents an amazing vision: an almost sheer rock wall opens in front of us, riddled with holes, caves and open galleries, with little wooden pavilions clinging miraculously to the rock. According to the legend, a horse from the heaven (Chinese Pegasus) once left a mark of horse hooves here, and thus the temple got its name. The legendary print of the horse hooves now exists in the Mati Hall, serving as an indispensable treasure of the temple.



★ Gaint Buddha Temple: it was built in 1098 during the Western Xia Regime with a history of over 900 years. Its name has changed several times. It was named "Kasyapa Buddha Temple", "Bojue Temple", "Hongren Temple", etc.. As there is a large reclining Buddha, so people call it "Reclining Buddha Temple" or " Big Buddha Temple." In 1996, it was listed in the fourth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

★ (Rainbow Mountains) Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park: Extending along the northern slope of Qilian Mountain in west China, Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park in Gansu is the best representative of China’s colorful Danxia landform and the largest Danxia landscape in an arid area, with a wide variety of landforms. Undulating fiery-red ridges together with amazing multicolored mountain folds transform the park into an immense sea of fire with rolling waves, earning it the reputation of China's Rainbow Mountains and also one of the “Top 10 Geographical Wonders of the World” selected by the National Geographic.


★ Weijin Tomb Murals: Weijin Tomb Murals are located on the endless expanse of the desert, 20 km away from the northeast of Jiayuguan City. There are 1400 brick tombs of Jin and Wei Dynasties scattered here, which are the famous JinWei Tombs, and they were reputed as “world’s largest underground art gallery”. The ancient tombs extend east and west to Guoyuan Township of Jiuquan City and northwest to Xincheng Township. The tombs on the desert just like waves in the sea.


★ Jiayuguan Pass: Jiayuguan is a pass standing at the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. Different from the well-known sections built with stones or bricks, Jiayuguan Great Wall was built with rammed earth, making yellow its dominant hue and helping the pass blend harmoniously with the surrounding desert. The city where the pass is located is named after the pass, also called Jiayuguan, sitting in China’s northwest Gansu Province.

★ Echoing-Sand Mountain (Mingsha Shan) and Crescent Lake: The mountain is five kilometers (about three miles) away from the city of Dunhuang. Seen from afar, the mountain is just like a golden dragon winding its way over the horizon. As you approach you become aware that the sand has many colors ranging from red to yellow, green, black and white. Encircled by the mountain, there is Crescent Lake so called because of its shape. The water in the lake is so pure and sweet that it looks like an emerald set in the sand. Many of the visitors who have made their way down the mountain like to drink from the lake. According to historical record, the lake has been in existence for hundreds of years without ever being buried by the sand; it is really a geological wonder.


★ Dunhuang Mogao Caves: Carved into the cliffs above the Dachuan River, the Mogao Caves south-east of the Dunhuang oasis, Gansu Province, comprise the largest, most richly endowed, and longest used treasure house of Buddhist art in the world. It was first constructed in 366AD and represents the great achievement of Buddhist art from the 4th to the 14th century. 492 caves are presently preserved, housing about 45,000 square meters of murals and more than 2,000 painted sculptures. Situated at a strategic point along the Silk Route, at the crossroads of trade as well as religious, cultural and intellectual influences, the 492 cells and cave sanctuaries in Mogao are famous for their statues and wall paintings, spanning 1,000 years of Buddhist art.



What You Should Bring:

  1. ​ID card /passport and enough cash.

  2. Take clothing for a wide range of temperatures, several sets of clothes and socks, enough clothes to keep you warm. It is always advisable that you bring extra clothes and a jacket just in case the weather becomes chilly. 

  3. Suitcase, backpack. A backpack is a good choice to put all these necessities (other than clothes): rain gear, water, camera, electric torch, maps, medicines etc.

  4. Sun block and suntan oil, sunglasses, hats and lip balm are essential to protect you from sun and windburns. 

  5. Scarves, or some protective material, are a must when the weather becomes windy to protect you from sand (especially in desert areas).

  6. Basic medical supplies, perhaps a small first aid kit plus medicines for ordinary ailments, such as aspirin, travel sickness tablets and other tablets.

  7. Comfortable shoes are very important because you will be walking most of the time although there are some spots where camel rides are required. Sports shoes or low-heeled shoes are your best bet. 

  8. We suggest that you take some travel pill or anti-nausea medicine with you to make you feel comfortable from mountain sickness.

  9. Mobile phone, camera and relating chargers, and spare batteries.

  10. High-energy snacks (chocolate, beef jerky etc.), fruit and other snacks.

  11. Enough water to avoid dehydration.

  12. Toiletries


Travel Tips:

  • The Silk Road becomes drier as it heads west into China, given its extreme inland location. Since the road meanders through desert and mountainous areas, be prepared for extremes in temperature. The temperature varies widely from day to night in Qinghai and Gansu province, so please remember to take clothes to keep warm.

  • Use sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip creams to protect your eyes and skin from the sun. Also consider bringing a moisturizer because the air is very dry in the desert areas.

  • Do not eat too much meat and fruit; otherwise, your digestive system may be disturbed.

  • Please do not talk about sensitive issues such as religion and politics in this trip. 42.8 percent of the total population of Qinghai province are minorities.

  • Please respect their customs and follow your guides’ advice when visiting a specific family or entering a mosque or temple.

  • When visiting religious sites such as mosques, women should wear long–sleeve clothes.

  • Taking photos at some attractions is forbidden; please follow your tour guide's lead. When you shop at the market, bargaining is taboo if you do not intend to make the purchase.


Registration Note

  1. Please contact 150 0177 9155 if you participate in the journey and pay deposit of 2000 RMB/ person when you sign up. The balance will be paid in 2 days before departure by bank transfer or cash at office. If you cancel the trip, we will refund the deposit according to OkDealClub regulations.

  2. Please notice that hotel are twin shared rooms and if you register in solo there might be extra single room supplement 1100 -1600 RMB/person need to be charged unless the trip organizer find another guest with the same gender to share room with you.

  3. Please try to book the trip with one month before departure or we won`t be able to commit the train ticket from Dunhuang to Lanzhou as well as Dunhuang Mogao Cave tickets, guests will take airplane instead and visit Dunhuang with emergency ticket with limited tour attracations.

  4. Please read the other application instructions carefully before paying the deposit OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q & A


Send email to or send Wechat to OKDealTravel with the title "RSVP for 8-Day Authentic Silk Road Spectacular Custom Tour" which includes the following information registration. We will reply you with agreement and bank account for taking deposit.

(Required) -

Travel Date Event Date:

Full Name:




Mobile phone:


Passport / ID No. Passport / ID number (for the purchase of Travel Insurance)

(Optional Item) -

Emergency contacts and telephone:

food taboos / Preference:

Room requirements:


Click here for OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答

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