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6-Day Inner Mongolia Experience, Grassland, Sand Sliding &Great Wall Leisure Tour

Bashang Grasslands,Mongolian,hike,Riding a horse,Get close to the deer,bonfire party,Jinshanling Great Wall

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Thurs. 12th – Tue.17th Sep. 2019
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General Info.

Travel Location: Bashang Grasslands & Jinshan Ling Great Wall, Hebei, China

Travel Routes: Beijing–Bashang Grasslands–Jinshan Ling Great Wall–Beijing


Trip Date

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Group: Thurs. 6th – Tue. 11th June 2019

Summer Vacation Group: Thurs 11th  – Tue. 16th  July 2019

Mid Autumn Holiday Group:Thurs. 12th – Tue.17th Sep. 2019


Trip Quote: Adults 5490rmb/person, Children 2490 – 4990rmb/person

(Including local transport, entrance fee, luxury hotel with daily breakfast, one meal , tour guide service, insurance)


Number of peers: 6 – 20 persons (The price and travel date is negotiable for private tour groups).

Accommodation standards: Luxury hotel with daily breakfast. Other meals at your own expense.


★ Meet with Mongolian tradition and culture through experiencing the Mongolian welcome ceremony

★ Have fun at the bonfire party with the local people and get nomadic experience via herder’s way of life

★ Horse riding in the wild nature and admire open wide steppe and blue sky at the mean time

★ Picking up mushrooms in forests and get close to the deer and explore the fun of nature. You can even touch her soft hair or feed her.

★ Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and let’s have an exciting grassland sports meeting. Fly kites in the blue sky, try on Mongolian dresses and take photos

★ Enjoy buffet lunch outdoor on grassland and taste the yummy lamp BBQ.

★ Experience the most fantastic sports - sand sliding in the grassland. Get the sandslide board for free and play it until you are tired

★ Visit Wangyou Valley to have super views of the rolling hills of the grasslands and wait for the gift of nature - beautiful sunset

★ Gain a once-in-a-lifetime of hiking at Jinshanling Great Wall, learn about the history stories and enjoy stunning sunset there.

★ Boutique travel group with under 20 pax, luxury hotel with daily breakfast, family friendly route.


【Flight/Train Schedule for Reference】

Shanghai Hongqiao – Capital International Airport   China Eastern Airlines  MU5155 14:30-16:45

Capital International – Shanghai Hongqiao Airport   China Eastern Airlines  MU5210 17:00-19:15

Budget is around 1300rmb/person including tax


OR Train

G130 11:15 – 17:29 Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station - Beijing South Train Station

G147 15:50 – 22:00 Beijing South Train Station – Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station

Budget with around 1120rmb/person

Travel Route Overview

D1 Beijing arrival, hotel check in, and free day to explore the city

D2 Taking bus from Beijing to Bashang Grassland, experience the Mongolian welcome ceremony, check in hotel. Bonfire party in evening.

D3 Ride horse in the field or explore the fun of nature. A visit to Birch Forest and pick up organic wild veges and mushrooms. Get close to deer and visit Hamaba Reservoir, watch the sunset , go back to the resort and enjoy dinner.

D4 Visit the Baihua Slope, have a grassland barbecue buffet lunch and have a nap in the grove. Enjoy the exciting grassland sports meeting and fly kites or dress up Mongolian costumes. Climb the Wangyou Valley for a bird view of the grassland. After the sunset, go back to the resort and have a good rest

D5 Watch the sunrise at grassland and visit filming base. Drive to Jinshanling Great Wall, enjoy hiking for 2 hours and check in hotel under the Great Wall.

D6 Enjoy Sunrise at the Greatwall, transport back to Beijing , arrive to Beijing Airport and train station after, say goodbye for this memorable trip.

Full Itinerary

D1 Beijing Arrival, hotel check in

Welcome to Beijing, the capital of China.

Your local guide will meet you at the Beijing hotel, the address will be sent to you before departure, the rest of the day is yours to explore this city on your own.


D2 Inner Mongolia Experience Tour

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel. Firstly, you will take the bus into Fengning Bashang. The Bashang Grasslands is 280 kilometers north of Beijing and is the nearest grassland to Beijing. It is a section of the Inner Mongolia grassland and has an average altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The special climate and the geographical position on the junction of the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia Grassland bring Bashang its unique natural landscapes and make it a popular destination for tourists and photographers.  

Midday, you can taste the ethnic flavor of milk food like milk tea, hare’s milk wine and so on in Datan Town.

In afternoon we will arrive at destination - the Hongshan Military Stud Farm to experience the Mongolian welcome ceremony and meet with Mongolian tradition and culture.

Activities include: participating in Aobao Worship Ceremony (Ji Ao Bao, 祭敖包), presenting Hada or Khata and drinking the local wine... You will enjoy the typical lifestyle of grassland citizens.You will receive a special grasslands welcome. First step, a white scarf or Hada. The second part of the welcome – knock back a shot of horse-milk liquor! The local custom is to toast to heaven and earth before the drink. The next part of the welcome: a circle dance.

In evening, after the local guesthouse check in and dinner, you will have the option of having a bonfire party and watching folk music and dance performance.


D3 The Grassland Equestrian Farm - the White Birch Forest - Hamaba Reservoir - the Deer Garden

In morning, you will go to the Grassland Equestrian Farm by off-road vehicle and experience how to ride a horse like the local jockeys. Or you can stroll in Birch Forest and get close to the nature. These days, the prairie is peaceful, home to nomads and grazing flocks of sheep and herds of cows. The special climate and geographical position at the junction of the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia Grasslands give Bashang its unique natural landscapes and make it a popular destination for tourists and photographers. The yearly average temperature here is around 15 degrees.

We will go back to hotel and have lunch in noon time, in the afternoon, we will drive to Birch Forest and pick up organic wild mushrooms. Drive for about a half of an hour to the Deer Park to touch or feed them. Overlooking the grassland and flower fields at Hamaba Reservior, Then we drive to a real film location to watch the beautiful sunset. Vast lakes, sunrises and sunsets over the grasslands provide great views for city dwellers who've grown tired of the urban sprawl.


D4 the Bashang Grassland - the Baihua Slope - Luoriliusha Hill – Wangyou Valley -

Today, you will head to the Baihua Slope by off-road vehicle, where you can find the last wild horses on earth, remote lakes, spectacular mountains, endless forests or explore the flowery grasslands.

The Bashang Grassland area is the perfect spot to indulge in some of the traditional activities of the region. Then, let’s have fun through a wide variety of entertainment including sand sliding, flying kites, trying on Mongolian clothing and preparing the most fantastic grassland BBQ as lunch!

After the big meal, you are going to have an exciting spots meeting in Grassland to escape the worries of city and free your body and mind.

Then, drive to the Wangyou Valley to get a bird view of Ulan Steppe. You can also have a prairie yoga here, stretch your body and feel the freshness and comfort of the nature. By sunset, enjoy the beautiful sunset of the prairie!


D5 Filming Base - Beigou Mountain Sunrise- Jinshanling Great Wall

You will rise early in order to catch the majestic sunrise over the grassland, and you’ll be able to roam among the blue skies and the tranquil and untouched flowers of the plains.


After breakfast, we’ll drive with 2 hours to the unique and crowd-free Jinshan Ling Great Wall, with half resorted and half wild, the wall was originally built starting in 1368 and open to the world after 1980s

Hiking the entire length of the Jinshanling Great Wall will take you over 5 mountains passes (don’t worry they’re easy enough that anyone in reasonable shape can walk it) with views of the wall and surrounding mountains as far as the eye can see. You won’t believe you woke up that day in one of the largest cities in the world as there’s not a building in sight in the Jinshanling Mountains.


In the evening, we will check in hotel under the great wall and take a good rest


D6 Jinshanling Great Wall- Beijing

After breakfast, head back to Beijing which also means our trip comes to an end. Our bus will stop at the Capital International airport after 2pm, then arrive at the Beijing South Railway Station. We wish you have a happy journey back home.

Trip Cost

Trip Cost:

Adults or children above 12 years old 5490rmb/person,

Children with 6-11 years old 4990rmb/person

Children with 3-5 years old 3490rmb/person without accommodation and tour entrance cost

Infants 2-3 years old Free of Charge


The price includes: 

1. Transport: 5 days of MPV local transport (17 or 39 seats), commited airport/train station seeing off service. SUV transport on grassland with 1.5 days (4 seats)

3. Accommodation Five Nights: one night in boutique hutong hotel in Beijing, three nights in resort at inner mongolia , one night 5-star hotel at Jinshanling Great Wall including daily Chinese and Western breakfast.

4. Entrance Tickets: main ticket attractions listed below:Jinshanling Great Wall; Hongshan Military Stud Farm, deer garden and bonfire party

5. One meal: The grassland barbecue at Grassland Base.

6. Activities including sports meeting, sand sliding, kites painting and Mongolia costumes

7. Insurance: Travel insurance (only purchase the insurance in the beginning and the end of the event, including the day of gathering and the day of dismissing)

8. Other: mineral water, first aid kit, bilingual local tour guide.


The price DOES NOT include:

1. Main transport from and to Beijing, people will book flight/train ticket at their own expense, OkDealClub will help to book tickets if needed.

2. Airport/ Train station picking up 200 – 400rmb/car if less than 4 pax , we will share the hotel address before departure, guests will take taxi to hotel and meet tour guide there.

3. Lunch and dinner during the trip.

4.  The cost of horse riding: the expense would charged according to the related policy of 2019 with around 200rmb for 2 hours

5. Single room supplement 1700rmb/ person.

6. Personal expenses, receipt and unpredictable costs.

Tour Attractions

★Bashang Grassland: also know as Tanshang Grassland or Jingbei Diyi Grassland (First Grassland in North China), is the nearest grassland to Beijing, only 280 kilometers north of Beijing. With an average altitude of 1700 meters above sea level it belongs to a section of the Inner Mongolia grassland. With unique natural landscapes and great climate condition, it is a popular destination for tourists and photographers to explore the fun of nature. It has long been one of the ideal sites to escape the hustle and bustle in city life.


★the Hongshan Military Stud Farm: it is the base for photographers. The nearby Lama mountain and Xiaohongshan are the best place for recording the most beautiful scenery of sunrising. For the beauty of sunsetting, the nearby lake called Junpaozi is the best choice. Also Xiaohetou village and nearby pastures provides best view for pastoral folks.


★Birch Forest: when summer, wild flowers are all blooming, with the rape flowers, a mountain of bright colorful flowers ultras the beauty of Bashang. At autumn, birches have become golden, but other trees have different colors. Some are red, some are orange or purple, matching perfectly with the blue sky and clean lake, this is the most beautiful season at Bashang. When winter, you see another splendid view. All this area is covered by white snow, even birches seem to be bleak. But when suddenly there comes a group of sheep, this quite world is refreshed again.


Jinshanling Great Wall: Jinshanling Great Wall is located about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northeast of Beijing downtown. It was constructed under the direction of general Xu Da in 1368 during the Ming Dynasty, it has been restored for easier climb. Visitors can hike all the way from Jinshanling to Simatai west. The Great Wall at Jinshanling has complete defensive system including barrier walls, battlement walls, watchtowers, gun emplacements, shooting holes, horse blocking walls, and branch cities. 


161 Hotel (Beijing Beihai Courtyard) ,around a 20-minute drive from various attractions including Tiananmen Sqaure, Xidan Commercial Area and Forbidden City. Beijing South Railway Station is 25 minutes' drive from the Hotel, while Beijing Railway Station is 28 minutes' drive away. Beijing Capital International Airport is 1-hour's taxi ride from the hotel.

Furnished in touches of traditional Chinese decor, air-conditioned rooms are fitted with a flat-screen TV, tea/coffee-making facilities and free toiletries. A hairdryer and slippers are provided.  It features a fitness center and 24-hour front desk. All rooms come with free WiFi.

Guo Erzi Ethnic minority Resort is located in Hongshan Military Racecourse of Bashang Grassland, it has 180 guest rooms, including 18 suites rooms, 100 twin rooms, 50 family rooms and 12 triple rooms. The catering center can accommodate 500 people to have meals at the same time, the regular bonfire and dancing party will be organized in evening .

The hotel welcomes friends to experience the pleasure of sightseeing at grassland, to experience endless historical culture and Mongolian customs.

Dhawa Jinshanling

Located at Jinshanling, a mountainous area of Luanping County, Dhawa Jinshanling is a 90-minute drive from Beijing International Airport. Situated at the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall, it is the best place to hike and capture photographs of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and its magnificent sunsets. Dhawa’s stylish and contemporary design integrates with the local culture elements, creating an extraordinary experience for all. It is the only internationally-branded hotel offering international standards in the area and also the only one with a spa.


What You Should Bring:

² ID card /passport and enough cash.

² Long sleeve coat, water-proof jackets and pants are the best, which can keep you warm.(as the Bashang Grasslands have large temperature difference between day and night) Half-sleeved t-shirts and thin trousers and long sleeve quick drying shirts.

² Suitcase, backpack. We recommend you carry a waist bag, which can hold your precious belongings.

² Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, thin gloves (used when horse riding), waterproof outdoor shoes

² First aid kit, including Aspirin, travel sickness tablets and other tablets.

² Several sets of clothes and socks.

² Mosquito Repellant

² Mobile phone, camera and relating chargers, and spare batteries.

² High-energy snacks (chocolate, beef jerky etc.), fruit and other snacks.

² Toiletries


Special Note

v The steppe has few trees. There is no shade out there, and nothing that might slow down the ever-present wind. So bring a scarf or bandanna, a windbreaker, a hat that covers your neck, sunscreen and lip balm. They take up so little space and are worth 10 times their weight in gold when you need them.

v During June to Semptember, the temperature of Bashang Grasslands is around 10 to 27 degrees and the temperature difference there is big. Keep warm when see the sunrise in the morning, especially in windy days, please bring warm clothes in case of catching cold.

v The diet is becoming more and more suitable to our visitors. But the northern restaurant in China always has a heavy taste so that you need to give an early warning of salt before ordering dishes.

v The herders have always been friendly. But with the development of tourism, it would be charged with extra fees if you drive in the prairie personally, so you’d better visit with the group.

v Please respect the religious beliefs and customs of local ethnic minorities.

v We recommend you wear hiking boots or sports shoes.

v There is no ATM machine in the grassland, you can make payment with wechat or Alipay

v Fire are forbidden on grassland before 15 June and bonfire party will be replaced to dancing party instead then.

v The last day bus will stop at two destinations with Beijing Capital Airport T2 around 2pm and then Beijing South Railway station around 3pm, please kindly book air/train tickets with departure after 5pm 


Registration Note

Please send your info. to or WeChat okdealtravel if you would like to participate in this trip and pay the deposit of  2000RMB/ person when you sign up. The remaining balance should be paid at least 2 days before the departure date by bank transfer or cash at the office. If you cancel the trip, we will refund the deposit according to OkDealClub regulations.

This tour package is offered and operated by Beijing Youxiake International Travel Agency. OKDealTravel is only a plat form to publish the trips information.

​If you have vouchers to use or need receipts/ fapiao, please let us know at least 1 day before departure.

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