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【Hidden Ocean Island】+【Epic Taimu Mountain】June 24-27 To The Sea

Hidden Ocean Island, Epic Taimu Mountain

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Jun 24 - 27th Jun
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General Info.

Hidden at the tranquil coastline of southeast China, A small fishing village is secluded from the world for centuries. 

The villagers have lived a traditional autarkic life untouched by modern civilization, until recent years, a National Geographic photographer has discovered this surreal place and brought it to the world.

It soon went viral on the internet. People called it “A real-life Impressionism art”

“God's finest masterpiece”,

“The mysterious eastern Sri Lanka”.

Top photographers, artists and curious travelers from the world made their way to this hidden place and brought back more and more stunning photos and information.

This is Xiapu, a truly magical wonderland on the azure ocean of China’s Fujian Province.

Nowadays, it has become a destination for sophisticated travelers and young urbanists looking for an off-the-beaten-path vacation.

On this 4-day tour, you’ll get to closely witness the absolutely astounding beauty of this ocean fishery. Appreciate the stunning sunset by the sea and marvel at the magnificence of mother nature. This place is so pure that people even found the extremely rare Chinese white dolphins living there.

Not far from the fishery, a secret island with stunning eroded coastlines, pure white sand on the beach, and dozens of sapphire “sky lakes” embodied in the rolling green of the lush meadows is hidden on the sea.

Let's go explore the amazing Dayushan Island,  listed on "10 of the most beautiful islands in China" on Chinese National Geography,  an uninhabited island and a true hidden gem that has still preserved its tranquility. 

What's more, a beautiful beach with soft white sand is just around. The Niulanggang Ocean Senic Spot is renowned for owning the Top 1 Beach of Fujian province. You’ll enjoy an afternoon chilling on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear water or try an abundance of fun water activities.

Beside the sea, you’ll enjoy half day hiking the famous Taimu Mountain, a National AAAAA (highest level) Natural Scenic Area surround by ocean, honored by locals as “the holy mountain on the sea where the immortals live”.

Last but not the least, you’ll take a traditional bamboo raft to cruise along the “Nice Koi Fish River”, enjoy the amazing views of spectacular cliffs, raging waterfalls and lush bamboo forests.

This is a perfect summer trip to the seaside combining special and stunning ocean views, relaxing beaches, first-class 5A mountain hiking, off-the-beaten-path islands, world-class natural photography paradise, chilling river rafting and unique Fujian Minnan culture!


✨ Visit Xiapu ocean fishery, a vivid magical wonderland listed on the dream trips of National Geographic. Walk into a real life Monet painting and be surrounded by the most unreal colors on earth. If you are lucky, you might encounter the spirit of the sea, the endangered Chinese white dolphin, as Xiapu is one of the very few places where they live.

✨Explore the hidden gem Dayushan Island, a secret paradise comprised of stunning eroded coastlines, tranquil beaches, lush green meadows, beautiful lakes and an abundance of wild animals.

✨Hike the National AAAAA Scenic Spot Taimu Mountain, the “Residence of the Immortals”. Marvel at the bizarre rock formations, steep cliffs, rolling seas of clouds, and the unrivalled ocean views on the mountain top.

✨Spend an afternoon at the Top 1 Beach of Fujian, Niulanggang beach. Unwind on the pure white sand beach, swimming in the turquoise sea, explore the coastlines, or enjoy tons of water activities.

✨Take a quaint bamboo raft on the murmuring Nine Koi Fish River and cruise into the dense forest. Restore your body and soul in the serenity of mother nature. 

✨Walk on an transparent glass way hanging on the cliffs, a super popular activity near Nice Koi Fish River. Feel the adrenaline rush!

✨Experience the unique Fujian Minan Culture. Fujian is the closest province to Taiwan. They share a lot of special customs and speak the same Minan dialect.

✨ Stay every night at an amazing 4-star hotel by the beautiful riverside with splendid breakfast bufffet. OKDeal always provides the best accommodations in our tours to ensure you a most comfortable journey. 


Day 1:Arrive at Fuding Railway Station, Fujian Province by bullet train in the evening. 

Welcome to Fujian! Upon your arrival, your English tour guide and driver will meet you at the arrival hall of the Fuding railway station.  Have a good rest for the amazing tour!

(Accommodation: Manju Hotel by the river, 4-star)

Day 2:  Dayushan Island - Xiapu

After an amazing breakfast buffet, let's go explore the wonderful Dayushan Island on the sea!  (1h drive+ 30min ferry ride) Dayushan Island is located in the southeastern seas of Fuding. It has preserved its tranquility and original form due to the fact that it is not known by many outsiders. The island is uninhabited, the coast is eroded by seawater and reveals the bare bedrock and reefs. The sea-eroded landscape is very prominent. The island's vegetation is very dense, inhabiting tens of thousands of migratory birds, and there are several stunning"Sky Lake" embodied in the verdurous meadows. We'll spend a full day to enjoy all the best parts of the island!

At around 4:30pm, we'll leave the island and go catch the astounding sunset at the epic Xiapu.(1h dirve). Located in northeast Fujiang, Xiapu Mudflat is regarded as the most beautiful coastal line in China and reputed as one of the Top 10 best photography bases in domestic area by the shutterbugs. Let’s discover the amazing work of light and shadow combining the cultural feature with natural sightseeing! After enjoy the stunning view by the sea, we'll head back to the hotel for a good rest.

(Accommodation: Manju Hotel by the river, 4-star)

Day 3: Taimu Mountain - Niulanggang Beach

After an amazing breakfast buffet at the hotel, we'll drive (30min) to visit the National AAAAA level (highest level) Scenic Area - Taimu Mountain. It is famous for its steep mountains, spectacular rock formations, secluded caves and foggy climate. And it’s called "Paradise at Sea" for the mountains are surrounded by ocean and also for its beautiful natural view. The entire scenic area covers about 92 square kilometers, divided into Taimushanyue, Nine Carp Creek waterfall, Riverside Waterfront, Mulberry Green Lake, Fu Yao Islands five major scenic spots. The highest peak in Taimu is only 917m, but with great views of the open ocean.

We'll spend around 6-7 hours enjoy the Taimu Mountain, and in the afternoon at around 4pm, we'll head back and go to the Niulangang Ocean Scenic Spot (30min drive from the mountain) to enjoy some beach time. Take a walk on the soft sand beach, swimming in the sea, go explore the coastline and cliffs, or enjoy an abundance of water activities. 

(Accommodation: 4-star standard boutique hotel)

Day 4: Nine Koi Fish River rafting - cliff glass way - Fuding railway station departure

After an amazing breakfast, we'll go crusing along the famous Nine Koi Fish River (Jiuli River, 1h drive) on a traditional Chinese bamboo raft. Surrounded by steep cliffs and lush bamboo forests, the Nine Koi Fish is an off-the-beaten-path summer destination with crystal blue water and wild endangered Koi Fish living in it. After the relaxing rafting, we'll head for the exciting glass trail at the scenic area. Take a walk on the transparent trail hanging in the cliffs and feel the adrenaline rush!  

After lunch, we'll drive to the Fuding railway station and our amazing journey ends there.

Trip Cost

​June 25-27th 

Dragon Boat Holiday

Original Price: 2980rmb

Early Bird Price!

ONLY 2680rmb!

(only 10 early bird spots. 

Save your spot now! )


What's included:

√  Transport: 4 days of private local transport, Fuding railway station picking up & seeing off service with committed train schedule.

√ Tour guide: Expert service from an experienced English-speaking local tour guide

√ 5-nights' accommodation: 3 nights at ✨4-star hotel in Fuding with daily breakfast buffet

√Entrance Tickets to all the main scenic spots listed in the itinerary

√ Travel insurance

√  first-aid kit, water, etc


What's not included:

× Main transportation (bullet train) from and to Fujian

×Lunch and dinner during the trip

× Single toom supplement 550rmb per person

× Invoice, personal expenses and unexpected expenses

Tour Attractions



What should your bring

1. Mid-size backpack for mountain hiking, several suite of clothes, sport hiking shoes.

2. Camera, sunscreen, high calorie snacks such as nuts or chocolate.

3. Your ORIGINAL ID card or passport, some cash.



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