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8-Day Epic Silk Road In-Depth Tour -Grab the 10 Early Bird Spot!

Epic Silk Road In-Depth Tour

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April 30th - May 7th, 2020 June 20-27th, 2020September 30th - October 7th
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General Info.

Discover the treasures of the legendary Silk Road on this 8-day adventure through the gigantic regions of northwest China - an almost dizzying agglomeration of desert, grassland, raging river and colossal mountains - retracing the ancient trade route that linked East and West. 

An epic journey across diverse landscapes to see some of the country’s most sublime natural scneries and cultural relics. From the unreal Rainbow Mountain and miracle desert oasis to the final frontier of China's Great Wall and rock-cut Buddhist masterpieces, this is an unforgettable Eastern odyssey.

The Silk Road has always been about images of camel caravans, turbaned traders, desert crossings and oasis cities, and, even today, the route delivers on these romantic dreams. 

Yet travelling its ancient trails is, at heart, a trip through history. You will pass great treasures of Buddhist and Islamic art and architecture, clamber through the western-most point of China's Great Wall, and traverse some of China’s wildest geography. 

Pack your baggage, and join us to trace the footprints of ancient travelers! 

Take a deep breath – this is truly gonna be an epic journey.


Day 1: Lanzhou Arrival 

 Welcome to Lanzhou - city of Yellow River. Once your arrival at Lanzhong Zhongchuan Airport, you will be picked up by your local guide.Take the rest of the day to explore this fascinating city. Rafting on the Yellow River on the unique sheepskin rafts, Visit the gorgeous Zhongshan Iron Bridge and devour the delicious local snacks at the famous Zhengning Road night market. 

(Hotel: 4-star hotel in Lanzhou City)

Day 2: Lanzhou – Xining - Qinghai Lake 

(400km in total)

After breakfast, you will drive to Xining (260km, 3.5hrs) and visit the amazing 【Kumbum Monastery】, also called Ta'er Temple. 

It is the best of the sights in the Xining area and generally acknowledged to be one of the six most important monasteries in China. Constructed on a slight mountain slope on the edge of a wide valley, the monastery consists of a number of different prayer halls, an exhibition hall, the monk's dormitories and various pagodas. There are a total of around 20,000 religious paintings and embroideries within, as well as numerous yak butter sculptures and idols of Buddhas past, present and future. 

You'll drive through the 【Riyue Mountain】and stop for sightseeing and arrive the famous 【Qinghai Lake】in the afternoon.

Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in China, with a circumference of 360km and a surface area of over   4,500km squared. In ancient times the lake was known as the Western Sea, and   in Tibetan it is known as Koko Nor. The lake has a number of attractions that draw travellers in this region in. Ornithologists, campers, hikers, botanists, swimmers, sailors, fishermen,  loners and nomads all find areas of interest around the lake. The beauty here lies in its salty vastness and the remote peace that it instills. 

Enjoy the stunning sunset, and stay overnight at Qinghai Lake. 

(Hotel: local hotel by Qinghai Lake )

Note: The general acommondation conditions at Qinghai Lake is limited. We'll try our best to book the best place we could find. But may not be up to 4-star standard.

Day 3: Chaka Salt Lake - Back to Xining (450km in total)

Get up early to enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Qinghai Lake and experience cycycling around the lake.(80rmb/hour on your own expenses). Then you’ll head for the 【Chaka Salt Lake】. Situated in Ulan County, Qinghai Province, Chaka Salt Lake is actually a large salt flat, about 9 km long and 15 km wide embedded in the snowy mountains and verdant meadows. The snow-white lake bed and the crystal blue water against the azure sky win it the reputation of ‘Mirror of the Sky’.  

After fully enjoyed the magical scenery, we'll head back to Xining. Be wowed by the splendid view of the vast grassland along the way. 

(Hotel: 4-star or 5-star hotel in Xining City)

Day 4: Xining - Zhangye

(390km in total)

After breakfast, you’ll drive to Zhangye. Enjoy the gorgeous view of the Qilian Mountain and visit the 【Mati Temple】. Located in Linsong Mountain of Gansu Province, Mati Temple is one of the important Buddha grottoes in China built in 397AD. The 70 caves that make up the complex were hand-carved into the cliff-face of Linsong Mountain and can be separated into 7 grotto groups. The main Mati Temple is the most striking looking, as it features 21 grottoes arranged in 7 levels that were made to resemble the shape of a pagoda. The Bodhisattva Tara is enshrined inside this temple for visitors to worship. Stairwells, hidden passageways, and balconies lead to the many grottoes providing stunning views from both the ground and the dizzying heights of the upper caves. With the snow-capped Qilian Mountains behind and the jade-hued grasslands stretching out in front, the scenery surrounding the Mati Temple is unparalleled in its natural beauty. After visiting the Mati Temple, you'll head for Zhangye City and stay overnight there.

(Hotel: 4-star hotel in Zhangye City)

Day 5: Zhangye National Geopark  - Jiayuguan

(260km in total)

After breakfast, you'll visit the 【Giant Buddha Temple】. Located in the southwest corner of Zhangye of Gansu Province, Giant Buddha Temple is famous for having the largest indoor sleeping Buddha in Asia. This temple was built in Xixia Dynasty(1098), and keeps many precious Buddhist scriptures and wall paintings. The Buddha statue was carved by woods with a length of 34.5 meters. His ears are as big as the space which 4 adults can sit side by side. The statue tells the story of Buddha’s Nirvana. The whole Temple is a large complex with regal arrangements. The Sleeping Buddha is the centrally seated, symmetric buildings situate along the sides.

Then, drive to the 【Zhangye Danxia Landform Geographical Park】,also named the 【Rainbow Mountain】.  Extending along the northern slope of Qilian Mountain in west China, Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park in Gansu is the best representative of China’s colorful Danxia landform and the largest Danxia landscape in the world with a wide variety of landforms. Undulating fiery-red ridges together with amazing multicolored mountain folds transform the park into an immense sea of fire with rolling waves, earning it the reputation of China's Rainbow Mountains and also one of the “Top 10 Geographical Wonders of the World” selected by the National Geographic.

(Hotel: 4-star hotel in Jiayuguan City)

Day 6: Jiayuguan - Dunhuang

(420km in total)

After breakfast, you'll visit the 【Wei & Jin Dynasty Tomb Murals】located on the endless expanse of the desert, 20 km away from Jiayuguan City. There are 1400 brick tombs of Jin and Wei Dynasties scattered here, and they were reputed as “world’s largest underground art gallery”.  (You'll visit the beautiful

Populus Euphratica Forest during the National Day Holiday Group instead.)

After that, you'll drive to the 【Jiayuguan Pass】,where the city’s impressive fort and the western-most point of China’s Great Wall evoke an ‘end of empire’ flavour. This was where criminals and out-of-favour bureaucrats were once cast out of China and thrust into the barbarian lands of the west.You'll drive to Dunhuang in the afternoon and spend the night in the city. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Gobi desert during the road trip.

(Hotel: 4-star hotel in Dunhuang City)

Day 7: Echo-Sand Mountain & Crescent Moon Spring - Mogao Caves - Back to Lanzhou(by train)

After breakfast, explore the miracle of the desert: 【Echo-Sand Mountain & Crescent Moon Spring 】, one of the most attractive tourist spots along the legendary Silk Road. As a sand-crusted hill of dozens of meters high with an area of about 40km east to west and 20km south to north,  Echo-Sand Mountain gets its name due to its natural phenomenon that sand roars like thunder which can be heard in the city in fine days. When tourists climb upon the sand-making Mountain and slide downward from the top, the sand can collapse with them and give out a pearl of loud sound. Surrounded by the Echo-Sand Mountain, Crescent Lake, also called Sand Well or Medicine Spring, is named after its crescent-like shape. With the reputation of the First Desert Spring under Heaven, Crescent Lake boasts its survival in the extensive dry desert after over thousands of years. Standing aside the dream-like spring, you can enjoy a wide prospect with sand ancient Chinese architectures, waving sand dunes and snaky footprints of camels and nomadic people.

The following attraction is the 【Mogao Caves】. Carved into the cliffs above the Dachuan River, the Mogao Caves south-east of the Dunhuang oasis, comprise the largest, most richly endowed, and longest used treasure house of Buddhist art in the world.  It is famed as the “Louvre of East”. There are now 492 grottoes in which about 45000 square meters mural paintings and 2100 colorfully painted statues from which you can trace the development of Chinese art over 1600 years from one dynasty to the next because each dynasty built own caves to record its own features.  

You'll take the night train and head back to Lanzhou City in the evening. (around 13hrs)

Day 8: Lanzhou Departure

You’ll arrive Lanzhou City in the morning. Take the bullet train to the airport to to catch your departing flight. Your Legendary Silk Road tour ends.

Trip Cost

April 30th - May 7th, 2020 

Labor Day Holiday (May 1st-5th)

(We suggest: departure on April 30th, use only 3 days' annual leave on April 30th, May 6th and 7th)

Original Price: 6880rmb

Early Bird Price: ONLY 6480rmb!


June 20-27th, 2020

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday (June 25-27th)

(We suggest: departure on June 20th, use only 3 days' annual leave on June 22,23 and 24th)

Original Price: 7280rmb

Early Bird Price: ONLY 6880rmb!


September 30th - October 7th

National Day Holiday (October 1st-8th)

Original Price: 8780rmb

Early Bird Price: ONLY 8280rmb!

(Early bird price will be offered to the first 10 people sign up on each group.)

We also offer tailor-made private trips for groups with above 6 people

What's included:

√  Transport: 8 days of MPV local transport, overnight train from Dunhuang to Lanzhou, airport picking up & seeing off service with committed flight schedule .

Expert service from an experienced English-speaking local tour guide

7-nights' accommodation: ✨6 nights at 4-star to 5-star hotels with western style daily breakfast, 1 night one night on the train from Dunhuang to Lanzhou with soft sleeper.

(Note: The general acommondation conditions in some specific attractions like Qinghai Lake is limited. We'll try our best to book the best place we could find. But may not be up to 4-star standard.)

Entrance Tickets to all the main scenic spots listed in the itinerary

Travel insurance

√  first-aid kit, water, etc

What't not included:

× main transportation (flights/train)

× Single room supplement

(1100rmb/May Holiday; 1500rmb/Dragon Boat Festival Holiday; 1600rmb/ National Day Holiday)

x main meals during the trip

× Personal expenses and unexpected expenses

Tour Attractions



We take 3000 deposit for this 8-day trip when you sign up. If you cancel at least two week before departure, we will give you a full refund. If you cancel within two week before departure, we will keep half of the deposit as cancellation fee.

Please try to book the trip at least one month before departure or we won't be able to commit the train ticket from Dunhuang to Lanzhou as well as Dunhuang Mogao Cave tickets, guests will take airplane instead and visit Mogao Caves with emergency ticket with limited tour attractions.

Flight Schedule For Reference

07:10 - 10:40  Air China CA1935

Shanghai Pudong ➡️Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport

17:50 - 20:40 China Eastern Airlines MU2127

Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport ➡️Shanghai Hongqiao

What You Should Bring

1. ID card /passport and enough cash.

2. Take clothing for a wide range of temperatures, several sets of clothes and underwears. It is always advisable that you bring extra clothes and a warm jacket just in case the weather becomes chilly. 

3.Suitcase, backpack. A backpack is a good choice to put all the necessities: rain gear, water, camera, electric torch, maps, medicines etc.

4. Sun block, sunglasses, hats and lip balm are essential to protect you from sun and wind burns. 

5. Scarves or some protective material are a must when the weather becomes windy to protect you from the sand (especially in desert areas)

6.Basic medical supplies, perhaps a small first aid kit plus medicines for ordinary ailments, such as aspirin, travel sickness tablets and other tablets.

7. Comfortable shoes are very important because you will be walking most of the time although there are some spots where camel rides are required. Sports shoes or low-heeled shoes are your best bet. 

8. Mobile phone, camera and relating chargers.

9. High-energy snacks (chocolate, energy bars etc.)

10. Toiletries and skin care products.


1.OKDealTravel does not accept anyresponsibility for the following unpredictable factors or changes caused byforce majeure:

A.Due to weather and other force majeurefactors: temporary closure of the scenic spot, suspension of sightseeingvehicles and other scenic areas;

B.Seasonal landscapes that depend on weather conditions, such as snow,flowers, leaves, etc., are greatly affected by weather changes and cannot beguaranteed. The pictures in the advertisements are for reference only;

2. The availability of the hotel facilities(amenities) such as swimming pools, saunas, fitness facilities,etc., the open and closing time may be changed by the hotel;

3. The price of the self-funded items inthe itinerary, such as hot springs, cycling, fruit picking, etc., may bechanged by the local owner. The price in the advertisement is forreference only.

4. If any uncontrollable factors, suchas weather, traffic, etc., affect the itinerary, in order to ensurethe safety of travelers, the itinerary may be adjusted accordingto the actual situation.

5. The hotel single bed or double bed availability is not guaranteed.

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