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12-15 Sep. | Enshi Grand Canyon Secret Wonderland Getaway

Colorado Grand Canyon of China,Semporna of China

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2019.9.12 - 9.15
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General Info.

Travel Destination: Enshi Grand Canyon, Hubei Province, China

Travel Routes: Shanghai – Enshi City – Enshi Grand Canyon – Pingfeng Canyon – Shiziguan Scenic Spot – Nv’er cheng – Shanghai

Travel Dates: Thursday – Sunday, Sep. 12th – Sep. 15th 2019 (Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday)

Travel Cost: 3280RMB/person

Early Bird Discount:  2880RMB/person (sign up before Aug. 30)

Group Member:  4 – 20 people of different nationalities

Accommodations: 4-star hotels with free buffet breakfast

Hiking Difficulty Rate: ★★☆☆☆ Moderate-Suitable for all physically fit people


*Explore Enshi Grand Canyon, one of the most magnificent canyons in China, is known as the Grand Canyon of China. The nature conveys the colorful mountains into incomparable and breathtaking pictures with its extraordinary creations.

*Go deep into the Yunlong Ground Fissure, one of the longest ground cracks in the world. Be wowed by seven stunning waterfalls rolling and tumbling on the cliffs with beautiful rainbows hanging between them.

*Take a boat trip on the magical Pingshan River. Renowned as the “Semporna of China”, the water is almost transparent and you’ll fee like floating in the air.

*Take a walk tour on the newly developed floating pass at Lion Pass Scenic Area. This place is just so cool once it opened to public it immediately went viral on social media.

*Experience the authentic Miao culture and devour delicious local food at the ancient town of Girl City.


Day 1 - Arrive in Enshi City and get ready for the exiting trip!

Arrive at the beautiful Enshi City, known as one of the most stunning places at the mysterious “NORTHERN LATITUDE 30°”. Have a good sleep and get ready for a 4 day long exploration of this lesser-known secret wonderland.

 (Flights: 2h15m from Shanghai | 4-Star Hotel: Argyle Hotel Enshi)

Day 2 - Explore the majestic Enshi Grand Canyon

After a nice breakfast buffet, we’ll head for the Enshi Grand Canyon, honored as “Oriental Colorado Canyon". It is famous for its two opened scenic areas, Yunlong Ground Fissure and Seven Star Village. In addition to splendid sceneries, colorful customs of the local Tu people are well-known as well.

(Breakfast: √  Lunch: √ Dinner × | 4-Star Hotel : Argyle Hotel Enshi)

Day 3 -Into the stunning Pingshan Canyon

Renowned as the “Semporna of China”, Pingshan Canyon is a newly founded wonderland with break-taking scenery. Experience a boat trip along the river. The water is so clear that it’ll make you feel like you’re floating in air.

(Breakfast: √  Lunch: √ Dinner × | 4-Star Hotel : Jin Yuan International Hotel)

Day 4 – From Instagram-Famous Lion Pass Scenic Area to the Amazing Girl Town

Visit the new “It place” – Lion Pass Scenic Area, which is famous for it’s groundbreaking floating water pass and glorious mountain views around. Take tons of photos and let’s head for the girl town to experience the authentic Tujia culture and devour amazing Tujia delicacies.

(Breakfast: √  Lunch: × Dinner √)

Trip Cost

Thursday – Sunday, Sep. 12th – Sep. 15th 2019

 (Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday)

Travel Cost: 3280RMB/person

Early Bird Discount: 2880RMB/person (sign up before Aug. 30)

This Price includes: 

*Transportation: Local transportation throughout the 4-day tour. (not include the flight tickets)

*Accommodation: 3 nights’ stay at 4-star hotels.

*Entrance Tickets: Ticket for main attractions including - Enshi Grand Canyon(incluing the cable car up to the mountain); Pingshan Canyon; Shiziguan (Lion Gate) Scenic Area

*Meals: Hotel breakfast (Please note that some lunch and dinner will be on your own expenses.)

*Insurance: Travel insurance (covered from June 6th to June 9th)

*Other: mineral water and bilingual tour guide

This Price DOES NOT include:

*Main transportation between Shanghai and Enshi City. The air tickets will be on your own expense. (We offer flight tickets booking service for free)

*Main meals (lunch/dinner) during the trip.

*Single room supplement: 600RMB / person

*Personal expenses receipt and other unpredictable costs.

Optional Items

One way cable car/elevator down from the Enshi Grand Canyon -

Cable Car: 100RMB/person

Elevator: 30RMB/person

Tour Attractions

Enshi Grand Canyon

Located in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, the national 5A-rated tourist attraction reaches 108 kilometers in length and consists of 11 attractions including a forest park, steep mountains, spectacular waterfalls and exciting attractions. Besides, it features karst landforms, including over 200 karst caves, which are spectacular. Unlike karst landforms that normally have either precipices or peak clusters, Enshi Grand Canyon has both. Precipices may sink along the sides of the peak clusters or rise high above peaks. No other land formations like this exist in other parts of the world.

Yunlong Ground Fissure

Originally, Yunlong Ground Fissure was an underground river which had been flowing under the ground for 20 million to 30 million years. With an overall length of 2.2 miles (3.6 kilometers), an average depth of 82 yards (75 meters), Yunlong Ground Fissure has bred steep cliffs on both banks, plunging waterfalls, and murmuring streams at the bottom. There are altogether seven waterfalls in the fissure. More surprisingly, it is proved that two sides of the fissure were formed in different periods., which makes Yunlong Ground Fissure a unique fissure across the world.

Seven Star Village

Another scenic area in Enshi Grand Canyon is Seven Star Village. Along the travelling footpath, Mother-infant Statue, Stone Incense, Bowing Pine and Cliff Corridor can be seen one by one. Visit the legendary guard of Enshi Grand Canyon - Stone Incense. In sunny days, clouds floating above it, just like the smoke of the heavenly incense; and in rainy days, covered by mist, the place looks like a fairyland. Experience thrilling Cliff Corridor. It is said that people go through scaring Cliff Corridor together can go through the way of life hand by hand.

Pingshan Canyon

The Pingshan Canyon is most famous for its pure water. The water area here is called “Glass Sea” because it is so pure that it looks transparent like glass. Once rated by CNN as “The most beautiful place in China,” the Glass Sea is praised as China’s Semporna. The photos of this place were forwarded on Weibo more than 9,000 times. Many netizens commented that this is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

Lion Pass Scenic Area

The Lion Pass Scenic Area is most famous for its floating walkway over a dazzlingly blue meandering river. The wooden walkway runs through the middle of the river, and spreads for 500 meters following the course of the river as it twists and turns through the scenic landscape. The wooden floating walkway lets visitors to view the part of a valley that was earlier accessible only by rowing boat. The majestic walkway giving visitors sensation that there walking on water. Therefore, all around them is the lush, green forests, creating a feeling of serenity.

Tujia Girl Town

China Tujia Nv’er Cheng (Girl Town), the 8th man-made ancient town, is located in Qiliping in the urban area of Enshi city. It is the gathering place of Tujia culture nationwide, as well as the recreation center and tourist distributing center in Wuling district. It enjoys the reputation of being the “capital for blind date”.The streets here are built on the mountain, and the Daughter’s Street is the core of the ancient town, as well as one of the most prosperous blocks in downtown Enshi.


Argyle Hotel Enshi 

Located at the center of Enshi City and within 15 minutes driving to the airport, the Australian hotel brand Argyle is an ideal choice for stay at Enshi. It Features UKAS certified bed, tropical style shower system, mini bars, and fast wifi, etc. For dining, the Argyle offers wide range of options of local tujia food, Australian style food, and luxury Chinese dishes. 

Jin Yuan International Hotel

Located beside the Enshi immigration office, the Jin Yuan International Hotel offers comfortable stay and convenient transportation for travellers. Featuring 24-hour hot shower, ac, fast wifi, and buffet breakfast, Jing Yuan International Hotel is a perfect choice for a short stay at Enshi City.


What You Should Bring​

*ID card, passport and some emergency cash

*Comfortable hiking shoes are very important because you will be walking most of the time in mountain areas.

*Extra clothes or scarves in case the weather becomes chilly. 

*Suitcase, backpack. A backpack is a good choice to put all the necessities: rain gear, water, camera, electric torch, medicines etc.

*Sun block and sun glasses, hats and lip balm are essential to protect you from sun and windburns. 

*Basic medical supplies, perhaps a small first aid kit plus medicines for ordinary ailments, such as aspirin, travel sickness tablets and other tablets.

*We suggest that you take some travel pill or anti-nausea medicine with you to make you feel comfortable from mountain sickness.

*Mobile phone, camera and relating chargers, and spare batteries.

*Energy snacks (chocolate, beef jerky etc.)

*Enough water to avoid dehydration.



Travel Tips  

* Enshi Scenic Area is a newly developed tourist spots with limited conditions; It is a place that suits more for those who appreciate nature and rural culture. Please do not compare it with other fully matured tourist spots.

*A large percent of the total population here are minorities. Please respect their customs and follow your guides’ advice before getting in touch with them.

Registration Notes

*Please contact 15001779155 and pay deposit of 1000 RMB/ person when you sign up. The balance needs to be paid 2 days before departure. If you cancel the trip, we will refund the deposit according to OkDealClub regulations.

*Please note that if you sign up solo, you will share the hotel room with another trip member (same gender). If you’d like a hotel room by yourself, a 600 RMB single room supplement will be charged. 

(Please let us know if you want a single room and transfer the single room supplement when signing up for the trip. We can also help to find a roommate for solo travelers but not guaranteed. Guests need to pay for the single room supplement if there's no one else to share a room.)

*Make your booking one month in advance is recommended since the fight tickets and hotel room may be sold out.

Trip Registration

Send email to or send Wechat to OKDealTravel with the title "RSVP for Sep 12th - 15th Enshi Grand Canyon Secret Wonderland Getaway" and the required information listed below.

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