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1-Day NanbeiLake Ancient Trail Hiking

amazing hidden trail ,enjoy the fabulous sea,tea garden,hiking

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23th May 2020
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General Info.

Destination: Haining City, Zhejiang Province (浙江 海宁)

Date: 8:00am – 7pm Saturdaym May 23th, 2020

Number of Traveler: 20~30 people of many different nationalities

Cost: 350 RMB/person (includes round way transportation, entrance fees to tourist attractions, professional bilingual tour guide,  travel insurance, mineral water )

Bus picking up venue and time: 8:00a.m. Sat. May 23th at Shanghai Center 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu , Ext. 3 of Jing An Temple Metro Station Line 2/7

Hiking Difficult Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The hiking distance is about 7 kilometers, which takes about 3.5 hours. This trip is suitable for healthy people who are 7-55 years old. Pets friendly


Being 140 kilometers away from Shanghai, there is an amazing hidden trail lasted for thousands of years at the plain area in Haining City. Her name is Tanxianling Ancient Trail. Ramble along the road, you can enjoy the fabulous sea, the clear vast lake, the verdant mountains and the lush tea garden. It is the only place in China where you can appreciate mountains, sea and lake view together. Come and go with us to enjoy the most unique and amazing scenery of hiking!


Shanghai- Tanxianling Ancient Trail(谈仙岭古道)- Tanxian Stone Town(谈仙石城)- Yingchaoding Mountaintop(鹰窠顶)- Nanbei Lake(南北湖)- Shanghai

08:00 People meet up and depart from Shanghai at Hilton Hotel Jing An.

11:00 Arriving at the entrance of Tanxianling Ancient Trail. Then start hiking at the ancient trail. You will enjoy the beautiful woods with fresh air and clear sky.

11:30 Reach Tanxian Stone Town and eat lunch.

14:00 Come to Yingchaoding Mountaintop. Being one of the mountains surrounding Nanbei Lake, it is an excellent choice for appreciating the fabulous mountain- sea-lake scenery.

15:00 We will go down the mountain from another road and walk leisurely along the Nanbei Lake. You will enjoy the relaxing vast lake surrounding by mountains and woods.

16:00 Back to the entrance of Tanxianling Ancient Trail. Drive back to Shanghai.

19:00 Arrive at Shanghai.

Travel Tips

  • The total hiking distance is about 7 km with dirt road. The highest elevation is no more than 200 meters. We will spend roughly 3.5 hours on hiking.

  • The above schedule is for reference only. The actual time will be based on the real situations. Without affecting the overall trip, the tour leader can adjust the schedule according to the weather, numbers of traveler, traffic jam etc.

Trip Cost

Trip Cost: 350 RMB/person

The price includes:

√ Transport from and to Shanghai with shuttle bus.

√ All entrance fees for tourist attractions.

√ Others: bilingual local tour guide, travel insurance and mineral water.


The price DOES NOT include:

× Lunch and dinner will be paid by yourself. 

× Personal expense as well other unexpected expense.

Tour Attractions

Nanbei Lake: is the only scenic spot combining mountains, sea and lakes in China, and Zhejiang top ten best leisure resorts. The Nan Bei Lake covers a total area of 45 square kilometers, and consists of four major scenic attractions, namely Hutang, forests, coasts and the ancient town. It is rich in natural resources and cultural landscapes. The lake is surrounded by mountains at its three sides, while leaving one side facing the sea. The lake is divided by a dam, not deep but with twists and turns, into two parts, Nan Lake and Bei Lake. There is an island - Egret Island, located in the central Nan Lake. It is a very good place for enjoying the glorious full moon; there is a piling-up island in the Bei Lake. With the shape of a butterfly, it is named “Butterfly Island”, which is a good place to sip tea.

Tanxianling Ancient Trail: Located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, it is an amazing hidden trail lasted for thousands of years at the plain area. It is 184.6 meters above sea level. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful mountains, the magnificent sea and the clear lake. Especially when arriving at the mountain top, you will be stunned by the combination view of mountains, sea and lake.

Tanxian Stone Town: has a difficult terrain, with two mountains, Nanmu Mountain and Beimu Mountain, clamping at the left and right. On the west of the Stone City they are Huangwan Mountains of Haining, and on the east it is a mountain valley with the length of 3 km which can be accessed only by a small rugged and rough path. Viewed from Nanbei Lake far away, it has the atmosphere of “If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through”, thus also recognized as “ Badaling Great Wall in Jiangnan” which was highlighted by the military strategists of all dynasties.


What You Should Bring

  • Essentials: ID card /passport and some cash.

  • Clothing: loose and comfortable clothes, non-slip hiking shoes or sneakers (Do not wear high heels, sandals and slippers.)

  • Personal supplies: mid-sized backpack, mobile power pack, knee pads, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, tissues etc.

  • Food: One lunch for hiking, high-energy snacks such as dried beef and chocolate,  fruits etc.

  • Medicine and others: prepared according to your own needs.




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    Will it affect my Green QR code if I take the Nanbei Lake hiking trip?

    Nicola Howard2020-05-1021:35

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    Hi Nicola, It will not affect your green code if you go to another province now. Pls add our custumer service wechat: okdealtravel to know more.

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  • Hi Sarah, thanks for you inquiry, Tibet is not opened to foreign visitors yet and we are still waiting for the updated policy from local tour beureau.

  • Hi Nicola, It will not affect your green code if you go to another province now. Pls add our custumer service wechat: okdealtravel to know more.

  • Hi Ginger, the meeting point will be around Jing An temple area close to Jing An Temple Line 2/7, the specific address will be informed to you in 2 days before departure

  • Hi Ginger, this route is pets friendly,you can bring your dog