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CNY 7 Day China’s Significant Wave Valley, Hukou Waterfalls & Spring Festival Culture Tour

Challenge your vision、appreciate the gods of nature

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4th-10th Feb.2019
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General Info.

Destination: Xi an City, Shanxi Province China

Travel route: Xi`an – Hukou Waterfalls – Valley of Waves - TongWan City—Hong Shi Canyon


Date: Mon. 4th – Sun. 10th Feb. 2019

Number of travelers: 4-20 people of many different nationalities



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Number of peers: 4 -20 persons (The price and travel date is negotiable for private tour groups).

Accommodation standards: 4-star hotel with daily breakfast 

Trip Inquiry: 15001791355

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Flight/Train Schedule For Reference

Shanghai – Xi`an

Flight Hainan Airline HU7842 18:35 – 21:20

Train G1932 13:44 – 20:31 or G360 08:36 – 14:32


Xi`an – Shanghai

Flight Shanghai Airline FM9204 20:00 – 22:15

Train G1942 15:50 – 23:23 OR D308 19:44 – 06:26 (+1)

Airfare around 2600rmb with return and train tickets around 1340rmb


1. Visit the masterpiece of nature—Jingbian Wave Valley, this kind of beautiful DanXia landform is believed to form from millions of years ago under sand baptism.

2. Sightseeing the most magnificent waterfall on the Yellow River and second largest waterfall in China.

3. Cave hotel experience and learn about China revolutionary history  

4. Enjoy cycling at Ancient City Wall built up in Ming Dynasty as a spectacular experience.

5. Heading to food paradise-- Muslims Quarter and Yongxing Fang. Over 300 kinds of traditional snacks are waiting for you!

6. Watching the Spring Festival Lantern Show hold once a year, appreciate the colorful huge lanterns shaped into famous cartoon figures and auspicious things.

7. Experiencing the Han costume and watching the shadow play, just dream of dating back to Han dynasty.

8. No compulsory shopping during the trip.


Day 1: Xi An arrival, City Tour

Day 2: Xi An—Hukou Waterfalls – Yan An

Day 3: Yangjialing Revolutionary Site – Wave Valley – Jingbian County

Day 4: Wave Valley—TongWan City—Hongshi Gorge 

Day 5: Hong Shi Canyon—The Bell Tower— Muslim Food Street

Day 6: Small Wild Goose Pagoda (Han costume experience)—Chinese Shadow Play—Lantern show (Spring Festival)

Day 7: Ancient City Wall (Cycling)—YongXing Fang—ShanXi History Museum) — Tour End

Day 1: Xi An arrival, Hotel check in, Free Time and City Tour

Welcome to the historic city—Xi An.

Your local guide will meet you at the airport or the Railway station according to your schedule, and escort you to your hotel in a private vehicle. The rest of the day is yours to explore this city on your own.

Hotel in Xi`an City

(Notes: if your flight is not in our committed schedule then we will meet you at hotel directly )


Day 2: Xi An— Hukou Waterfalls – Yan An

After breakfast, we depart from Xi An to HuKou for about 4 hours driving. Hukou waterfall is China’s second largest waterfall and also the world’s largest yellow waterfall. The Yellow River flows through here between the two sides of Cangshan which constraints in the narrow valley, the waves roar, the valley echo, rolling waves into the deep pool “Hukou” which has a shaped that looks like a boiling water in a pot therefore it is known as “Hukou Waterfall”. The waterfalls turns its splashing water into various shapes when winter comes, sometimes taking the appearance of huge silvery belts, and sometimes that of a water curtain.

After visiting, we will head to the revolutionary sanctuary – Yan An and check in hotel at night.


Day 3: Yangjialing Revolutionary Site – Wave Valley – Jingbian County

After breakfast, we will visit the Yangjialing headquarter—Site of the Former Offices of the CCP Central Committee. One of the most defining moments in China's long history occurred in the tiny village of Yangjialing in Shaanxi Province. It was here in November 1938 that the headquarters of China's Communist Party was situated. The village, a scant 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) northwest of Yan An, would serve in this role until March 1947. After you will have a far- seeing of the Pagoda Hill—the holy places of revolution. After 3 hours driving, we will arrive at the Jingbian Wave Valley. The Valley of Waves is a world of wonders, which is born out of sandstones cut and polished by millions of years of wind, water and time. The complex bedding surface of the rocks in the Valley of Waves consists of huge sand tunes that have started to deposit since one hundred and fifty million years ago in the Jurassic Period. Check in hotel Jing bian in evening


Day 4: Wave Valley—TongWan City—Hongshi Gorge 

 After breakfast, leaving Wave valley to Tongwan City, during the driving, you will see an amazing tree which has stood still for thousands of year. The shape of tree is unique and special, although it seems like fallen apart, it still live vibrantly. After having lunch, we will head to Tongwan City. It was the capital of the Southern Xiongnu, the only city of the Xiongnu that has ever been found. The city is well preserved and is located in Jingbian County, close to Inner Mongolia. Also, we will visit one of the most famous destination in Yulin—Hongshi Gorge , China’s most breathtaking natural wonders. It is a massive gorge between 2 mountains with a lovely river running through it. The stone of the mountain has a distinctive red color. The gorge is naturally formed but there have been several man-made structures added to it. In evening we will check in hotel in Yulin and enjoy your free time to explore local food


Day 5: Hong Shi Gorge—The Bell Tower—Muslim Quarter 

After breakfast, we will take a long bus drive with 7 hours back to Xi`an City, upon arrived, we will visit of the central landmark of this ancient city – The Bell Tower, which is the largest and best-preserved of its kind in China, is 36 meters high. It stands on a brick base 35.5 meters long and 8.6 meters high on each side. During the Ming Dynasty, Xian was an important military town in Northwest China, a fact that is reflected in the size and historic significance.

As a foodie, you won’t miss the Muslim Quarter. Just as its name implies, the Muslim Quarter is the hub of the Muslim community in Xian City. The quarter covers several blocks inhabitated by over 20,000 Muslims. On the both sides of the street locating various snack shops. You can taste the local food like Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, fried rice with pickled Chinese cabbage and little capsicum, roast beef, lamb BBQ and so on. They are waiting for you to enjoy!


Day 6: Small Wild Goose Pagoda (Han costume experience)—Chinese Shadow Play—Lantern show (Spring Festival)

After breakfast, we will head to Small Wild Goose Pagoda, it is one of two significant pagodas in Xi An, Shanxi, the site of the old Han and Tang capital Chang’an. It was built between 707-709, during the Tang dynasty under Emperor Zhongzong of Tang. Then you can participate to the Han costume experience, dating back as far as the Han dynasty. Another traditional activity is the shadow play which is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment. It uses flat articulated cut-out figures (shadow puppets) which are held between a source of light and a translucent screen or scrim. For dinner we will enjoy the Dumpling Banquet, After it, we will visit Tang Paradise, Each year, a lantern show is held in the park during the Chinese New Year holiday. Visitors can appreciate the colorful huge lanterns shaped into famous cartoon figures and auspicious things. At night, when all the lanterns are lit up, the lifelike decorations enhance the beauty of Tang Paradise. Besides, performances of strong regional style will be put on. After enjoying the show, visitors can taste the most authentic Shaanxi snacks there.


Day 7: Ancient City Wall (Cycling)—YongXing Fang—ShanXi History Museum— Tour End

After breakfast, we will visit Ancient City Wall, It is one of the best preserved urban fortifications in China. The wall’s ideal spot and layout gives visitors a bird’s eye view over this fantastic city. Follow the locals’ example, we will take a bike to get an ever more spectacular experience. After cycling, you can have lunch at Yongxing Fang, which is called the second Muslims Quarter. It covers an area of 1 hectare with 130 meters long from west to east. It consists of ancient styled buildings decorated archway, public square, inner Pedestrian Street, etc. After lunch, we will have a visit to ShanXi History Museum which houses over 370,000 items, including murals, paintings, pottery, coins, as well as bronze, gold, and silver objects. It is elegant and dignified, on a large scale, with a combination of traditional architecture and modern technology, which embodies folk tradtion and local features.

Tour end, thank you for traveling with us and we hope for safety travels back to your city.

Trip Cost



Group discount offered with

100rmb OFF for 2-3 Pax sign up

200rmb OFF for 4-5 Pax sign up

400rmb OFF for more than 6 Pax sign up


The price includes:

1. Entrance tickets: main ticket attractions listed above

2. Activities including Han Costume experience and Shadow play, cycling

3. Meals: one dumplings banquet

4. Accommodation: six nights in 3/4 star hotel with daily breakfast

5. Transport: local transportation with 9 -33 seats bus

6. Insurance: Personal Travel Accident Insurance

7. Mineral water, Bilingual tour guide service fee, trip operating service


The price DOES NOT include:

1. Main transport from Shanghai to XiAn, people will book flight/train ticket at their own expense, the organizer will help to book tickets if needed.

2. Lunch and dinner during the trip

3. Personal expenses and unpredictable costs

4. Single supplement 1000RMB/person

5. Tour guide&drivers tips

6. Airport picking up if not in the committed flight schedule mentioned in the ad.

Tour Attractions

Jingbian Wave Valley 波浪谷

The wave is formed in sandstone with bizarre shapes and “nuts”. The Red Wave of China is believed to form from millions of year before from wind and rain. Longzhou Danxia landform is isolated peaks and steep rocks formed by underground rocks after thousands of years of sand baptism, which constitutes a beautiful Danxia wonder. Reflected by the surrounding Loess Plateau, red sands appear rich colors and stunning wonders. Around the scenic area, there are beautiful Dali River and peculiar Grand Canyon.


Hukou waterfall壶口瀑布

The Hukou Waterfall is the largest waterfall on the Yellow RiverChina, the second largest waterfall in China (after the Huangguoshu Waterfall), and the world's largest yellow waterfall. The width of the waterfall changes with the season, usually 30 metres wide but increasing to 50 m during flood season. It has a height of over 20 m. When the Yellow River approaches the Hukou Mountain, blocked by mountains on both sides, its width is abruptly narrowed down to 20 m - 30 m. The water's velocity increases, and then plunges over a narrow opening on a cliff, forming a waterfall 15 m high and 20 m wide, as if water were pouring down from a huge teapot. Hence it gets the name Hukou (literally, "flask mouth") Waterfall.

Hukou waterfall in winter

In winter, the Hukou waterfall shows another kind of beauty---different from its common fierce and magnificent, the water of yellow river frozen into various shapes of ice. White ice with peculiar shapes makes the waterfall wears an unique beauty.


City Wall 西安古城墙

City Wall - Adorned with a moat and the circular City Wall Park, the wall surrounds the square inner city. It is the most complete city wall to survive in the country, as well being one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world, built first in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and renovated in recent years.


The Bell Tower 西安钟鼓楼

The Bell Tower plays absolutely as the central landmark of the city, from which four most prosperous commercial streets stretch towards the east, west, south and north. Time has passed along with the bell at dawn and the Drum at dust sounding everyday. Now, they are outstanding examples of the ancient architecture.


Shaanxi History Museum陕西历史博物馆

Shaanxi History Museum is one of the most distinguished history museums in China, located in a quiet corner but easy to access. The museum houses over 370,000 items, including murals, paintings, pottery, coins, as well as bronze, gold, and silver objects. The modern museum was built between 1983 and 2001 and its appearance recalls the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty.


Tongwan city 统万城

Tongwan City was the capital of the Southern Xiongnu, the only city of the Xiongnu that has never been found. The city is well preserved and is located in Jingbian CountyShaanxi Province, China, close to Inner Mongolia. The city is at the southern edge of the Maowusu Sands of the Ordos Desert, on what was formerly a strategic site in the center of the Ordos plateau. The city has been surveyed and some elements restored, but not yet excavated.


Hong Shi Xia: 榆林红石峡
This is one of Yulin’s most famous sites. It is a massive gorge between 2 mountains with a lovely river running through it. The stone of the mountain has a distinctive red colour. The gorge is naturally formed but there have been several man-made structures added to it. There are temples, look out points, bridges and many other structures. It is said that many years ago, poets and artists would travel here to reflect and take in the beauty of their surroundings.


Xiaoyan tower 小雁塔

Xiaoyan tower is also called JianFu Temple. Jianfu Temple was originally the residence of Emperor Zhongzong of the Tang dynasty before he became the emperor. It was converted to a temple on the 20th day of the 3rd lunar month in AD 684 (100 days after the death of Emperor Gaozong) in order to dedicate postmortem fortune to the deceased emperor. 


Spring festival in xian

Brilliance of thousand years endows Xian with enchanting temperament. The continuous history of the ancient civilized capital has apparently resulted in its magnificent culture. Today's Xian is a world famous tourist city and an inexhaustible treasure house of cultural relics. Now heads of state from many countries and people from all walks of life come to the city to broaden their knowledge of Chinese civilization.


Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel Xi'an

Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel is located in central Xian City, a few minutes’ walk from the Ancient City Wall and Islamic Mosque. It offers an indoor pool and a café.

Rooms at Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel are fitted with air-conditioning and a satellite TV. A mini-bar and attached toilet with bathtub and shower facilities are included.

Guests can enjoy a relaxing massage or exercise at the fitness center. Evenings can be spent around the table tennis table or karaoke rooms. There is also a business center and tour desk.

A daily buffet or a la carte breakfast awaits guests every morning at Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel's café. In-room dining is available with room service.

Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel is a 5-minute drive from Muslim Street, Bell Tower and Drum Tower. Xianyang International Airport is about 40 minutes' drive away. 


Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel 

The Yangjialing Cave Hotel (Yangjialing Shiyao Binguan) is situated in the Yangjialing revolution site, where Chairman Mao and other proletariat revolutionists once lived and led Chinese revolution, 3 kilometers away from downtown area.


This Yan'an hotel features 268 cave dwellings.

For those wanting to stay fit and trim while on the road, there is a basketball court, badminton court, fitness room and table tennis room, while those interested in something a little less strenuous can enjoy local artistic performance.


Minsheng International Hotel 

The Minsheng International Hotel provides a great place for travelers to relax after a busy day. With Free in-room Wi-Fi available, you'll have no problems keeping connected.

The hotel is only 7km from Yulin Railway Station and 17km from Yuyang Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options.

There's never a dull moment at this hotel, our guests indicate that the facilities are excellent. This hotel is particularly popular with those traveling on business.


What You Should Bring: 

1. Necessities: passport / ID card , bring some small denomination cash in case there is no ATM at destination.

2. The weather in north-west area is dry, you need to replenish and drink enough water everyday. Also, bring your thick coat and shoes to keep warm. The average temperature in XiAn in February is about -1℃ ~ 8℃.

3. If you love photography, the scenic place likes Wave Valley and Hukou waterfall is a wonderful spot for you. Bring a high quality camera.

4. Medicine and others: please prepare it according to your own needs. The following medicines are suggested for consideration: band aid, carsick medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

5. Although the hotel is provided with the one-off toiletries, we cannot guarantee the quality. Please carry your own toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, slippers and so on.

6. Food: please bring some instant food, and high-calorie snacks (such as beef jerky, chocolate, canned meat, etc.) along the highway in case of the traffic.

Other notes

1. Xi An has a lot to offer with its rich culture and history. There are many places to sell souvenirs to tourists. You need to be carefully consideration for its price, some of them are unreasonable. Of course, you can ask help for your guide!

2. Be aware of pickpockets may be around many popular areas such as the Bell Tower of Xi’an, underground shopping tunnels, and transportation centers. When you shop or go out to eat, always check your bill carefully, especially if you pay by credit card.

3. The place likes Muslims Quarter has their own culture, please respect their beliefs.  



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