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4-Day Wuyi Mountain Natural Wonderland Tour

Natural wonderland, Bamboo Rafting, Tea Garden

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Jun 24th - 27th 2020
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General Info.

Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area - 

It's an idyllic destination for any nature lover. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Top 1 Mountain of the South East

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, go bamboo rafting, explore the deep canyons, dense forests, waterfalls, cultural heritage sites, tea tasting and so much more..

Hiking Difficult Rating: ★★★☆☆Moderately Strenuous-Long length, substantial elevation gain, and/or difficult terrain. Suitable for experienced hikers only


June 24-27th , 2020

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday


Original Price - 2890rmb


Early Bird Price - 

 ONLY 2590 rmb

(Only 6 early bird spots! Save your spot now!)


Trip Highlight

 Rafting on the famous “Nine Bend Stream”, appreciating the magnificent mountains along sides.

★ Climb the Heavenly Tour Peak, appreciating the iconic views of Wuyi.

★ Visit Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) tea fields, a magical and enchanted valley produces the best tea in Wuyi

★ Culture tour for Song Street for the best-preserved ancient city in the south of Yangtze River and Wuyi Palace for the top famous Taoist temples in Song dynasty

★ No compulsory shopping during the trip!


Day 1 - Wuyi Mountain arrival, take a good rest for the exciting adventure!

(Train: G1639 17:22 - 20:39 Accommodation: 4-star hotel)


Day 2 - Tianyou Peak Hiking - Nine Bend River Rafting  - Wuyi Palace - Song Dynasty Street

(Accommodation: 4-star hotel)


Day 3 - Tiger Roaring Rock - A Thread of Sky - Qinglong Waterfall

(Accommodation: 4-star hotel)


Day 4 - Dahongpao Tea Plantation Scenic Area

Trip Cost

June 24-27th , 2020

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday


Original Price - 2890rmb


Early Bird Price - 

 ONLY 2590 rmb

(Only 6 early bird spots! Save your spot now!)

The Price Includes:

√  Transport: 4 days of private local transport, airport picking up & seeing off service with committed flight schedule.

√ Tour guide: Expert service from an experienced English-speaking local tour guide

√ 3-nights' accommodation: 3 nights at 4-star hotel in Wuyi with daily breakfast

√Entrance Tickets to all the main scenic spots listed in the itinerary

√ Travel insurance

√  first-aid kit, water, etc

The Price Does Not Incluede:

× Main transportation (flight/train)

Hight Speed Train between Shanghai and Wuyi for reference

G1689  Shanghai Hongqiao -Wuyi East  18:41 - 22:04 282rmb

G1636  Wuyi North - Shanghai Hongqiao  13:45 - 16:55  266rmb

× Single toom supplement 550rmb per person

× Main meals

× Invoice, personal expenses and unexpected expenses

Tour Attractions

 Nine-bend River

 (Jiuqu Stream)Nine-bend River originates in the western part of Wu Yi Shan. Its water is abundant and pure. The total length of the stream is around 62.8 km (40 mi), bending in several places around the mountains. Taking a bamboo raft down the river to view the beautiful scenery of the mountains is one of the most popular activities in Wu Yi Shan.

Heavenly Tour Peak (Tianyou Peak)

The name of this place reveals its uniqueness. When you climb this peak on a cloudy day, you will feel like you are having a tour of heaven surrounded by the clouds. It stands in the center of the whole attraction, with a height of around 400 m (1,312 ft). Its special scenery makes it a must for Mount Wuyi Travel.

Tiger Roaring Rock (Huxiao Crag)

On Tiger Roaring Rock, there lies a huge cave. When wind blows through the cave, huge sounds echo among the mountains, just like the sound of a tiger roaring. Therefore, this place has the name of Tiger Roaring Rock.

 A Thread of Sky

This place is actually an enormous rock with a height of around 50 m (165 ft) split from the top with a narrow crack, of which the widest part is 1m (3.3 ft) and the narrowest part is only 0.3m (1 ft). Looking up to the sky from the narrow crack, you will find the sky is like a thread, hence the name A Thread of Sky.


Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)

This magical and enchanted valley produces the best tea in Wu Yi Shan and is a tranquil and beautiful place. This is an absolute must.


About the hotel

Honglin Hotel Wuyishan

Opened in 2015, the Honglin Hotel is a great accommodation choice in Wuyishan. With Free in-room Wi-Fi and easy access to the Resort Area, this hotel makes a convenient choice.

With Wuyishan Airport just 9km away and Wuyishan North Railway Station only 19km away, transportation is very convenient.

After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. Travelers requiring pickup service can book this directly through the hotel. 

This Wuyishan hotel has gym and bars for guests entertainment 


What You Should Bring:

l Your ORIGINAL ID card or passport, some cash.

l Small&Mid size Backpack,Several sets of clothes, and socks, jacket to keepwarm

l Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

l Hiking shoes and trekking pole

l Towel, shampoo and other toiletries

l Mobile phone, camera and relating chargers

High-energy snacks (chocolate, beef jerky etc.),fruit and other snacks.

Your own dinner and breakfast to have at the topof the Wuyi mountain


The organizer will provide mineral water and first aid kit.



OKDealTravel does not accept any responsibility for the following unpredictable factors or changes caused by force majeure:

1. Hotel facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, fitness facilities, etc., the open and closure time may be changed by hotel;

2. Due to weather and other force majeure factors: temporary closure of the scenic spot, suspension of sightseeing vehicles and other scenic areas;

3. Seasonal landscapes that depend on weather conditions, such as snow, flowers, leaves, etc., are greatly affected by weather changes and cannot be guaranteed. The pictures in the advertisements are for reference only;

4. The price of the self-funded items in the itinerary, such as hot springs, cycling, fruit picking, etc., may be changed by the local owner. The price in the advertisement is for reference only.

5. If the uncontrollable factors, such as weather, traffic, etc., affect the itinerary, in order to ensure the safety of travelers, the itinerary may be adjusted according to the actual situation. Thank you for your understanding.

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